How Often Should you Service Your Air Conditioner?


An air conditioner, often referred to as Aircond or AC, is among the most essential equipment that we need to make our lives comfortable. They help keep our houses warm when it is hot so that we are comfortable in it. Also, these gadgets decrease humidity levels so that we do not have to feel sticky. But that is not all they do. They purify air by filtering out smoke particles, mites and odors. Owing to the advancement of technology, air conditioning manufacturers today design ACs that not only have faster cooling rates but which also save up to 60% electricity. Today’s air conditioners also come with anti-dust filters, built-in stabilizers as well as auto adjust temperature feature so that you can have good night’s sleep. But just like other equipment, air conditioners need to be regularly maintained for them to give peak performance.

How often should we service aircon?

Why it is important to service your air conditioner?

There are several reasons why aircon servicing is very important. 

The first one is that it ensures that your air conditioner functions at its peak especially when you want it most. 

Regular servicing also improves the efficiency of your air conditioner. Experts warn that for every year of operation in which you do not service your aircon, it loses 5% of its efficiency. After 3 years therefore, the efficiency of your air conditioner will have decreased by 15%. This adversely affects its performance.

Regular aircon servicing also finds and addresses small problems that if left, could grow into much bigger problems that are more expensive to repair.

However, the encouraging news is that, with regular maintenance, you can actually recover a high percentage of the lost efficiency. According to research, regular aircon servicing will give it 95% of its original efficiency. Thus, the amount of money that you use to service your unit can be recovered very quickly in terms of reduced monthly electricity bills and reduced costs of repair. An air conditioner that is properly serviced also dehumidifies your home.

So how frequently should you service your air conditioner?

Heating and cooling professionals say that even if you do not suspect that your air conditioning unit has problems, you need to have it serviced and inspected at least once every year. This will ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency. It will be ready to cool the house in the months when you require it most.

As the air conditioning unit runs, it tends to accumulate dirt and dust in critical areas such as the air filters and the condensing coils. This can adversely affect its efficiency. The buildup of dirt and dust, if not checked, reduces your machine’s operating efficiency by 5 %. This means that that your air conditioner cannot cool the house as much as it should when clean.

Many service companies also wash the condenser of the air conditioner and this can save you a lot of headache as well as money in future. Although it is a simple thing, failing to wash your condenser could cause it to malfunction and even ruin it totally.
As a homeowner, the best thing you can do for your air conditioning unit is changing your filter. Ideally, you should change the filter at least once every 30 days.

Common Aircond Istallation Mistakes To Avoid

Although, operating an aircond/aircon looks very simple, but it’s a complex machine that relies on the proper functioning of various components. Therefore, minor mistakes in the aircon installation can severely affect its working. Here are the seven common mistakes that you should avoid during installation of an aircon.

7 Common Aircon Installation Mistakes To Avoid

1. Improperly Sized System

Installing an oversized aircon system can result in improper humidity control, high operational costs, and uncomfortable temperature changes. However, if the system is undersized then you won’t get sufficient cooling, will get high energy bills, and equipment would have shorter life span. Therefore, before installing the aircon, it’s important to contact a reputable aircon contractor and run a proper load circulation. Technicians of the contractor will visit your property and will take a measurement of windows, ceiling, floors, walls, etc. They will check for insulation and consider other factors, before determining the cooling capacity needed for your home.

2. Wrong Positioning of Aircon 

Installing the aircon in the right position is highly important, as it can influence its energy efficiency. Place your aircon in a shady location, so that it doesn’t have to work harder for cooling your home. When installing window AC, make sure that it’s slightly tilted towards back, which will allow proper drainage. Installation of aircon in a shady location is good, but make sure that it isn’t blocked by trees and shrubs. Proper ventilation is important for efficient operation of your aircon, and it will make sure that the energy bill remains minimum. 

3. Improper Insulation

Proper insulation of the room is an important factor. In the case of a window AC, it’s important that the open areas between the top and bottom window panes are filled with insulating foam. There are special insulation panels available for window AC, which provide better insulation. For split-ACs, it’s important to install right sized ducts. The size of the duct is calculated on the basis of load circulation and any mistake can result in improper efficiency of the cooling system and early equipment failure. Improperly sealed ducts also create problems as they result in leakage of cooled air and thus increasing the work-load on the AC unit.

4. Wrong Positioning of Thermostat

Always make sure that the thermostat is not near the lamps or any other heat generating appliance. If thermostat is constantly exposed to heat then, your energy bills will increase because your aircon would work for extra time. Over-working of aircon will result in improper cooling, unhealthy humidity levels, and increase in maintenance costs. Additionally, over usage of the aircon will reduce its lifespan.

5. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Pollution in the indoor air is a major problem, which can reduce the efficiency of your aircon. There are several things in your home that can cause indoor air pollution like mold, carpets, pollen, resins, mildew, etc. The pollution in the indoor air can get aggravated if it’s doesn’t get adequate air circulation and is exposed to high humidity. These pollutants can affect the working of an aircon and impact its overall performance. However, by choosing a reputable contractor you can easily fix this problem because they will advise you about the steps you need to take for reducing the pollution inside your home. Additionally, a contractor can advise you about other equipment, which will further help you in eliminating the air contaminants.

6. Not Checking For Leaks

When doing aircon installation it’s important to check for the level of coolant or Freon level in the aircon system. Any leakage can cause many health problems, and only 10 percent loss of Freon or coolant can result in 20 percent extra electricity bills. Many times installers don’t check for leakage because they think it’s a new aircon system, but sometimes system is damaged during installation, which can cause leakage.

7. Choosing the Wrong Contractor

There are many people who are not comfortable with installing aicons. Therefore, they choose to hire professionals who can complete the job for them. However, while selecting a professional contractor they make the mistake of choosing the professional that is asking for lowest rates. You must know that a poorly trained professional will make an improper aircon installation, and can also damage your windows or aircon equipment during the installation. Therefore, it’s important to choose the installer after proper enquiry and not just go for the cheapest service provider. 


The most common mistakes that usually happens during aircon installation are mentioned above. If you don’t avoid these mistakes then you will end up paying extra money in energy bills, will get inefficient cooling, and the lifespan of your system will get reduced. However, you can easily avoid these mistakes by hiring a reputable contractor. Contact us TODAY!

Why I need to do Aircon Servicing?

What Will Happen If I Do Not Do Any Aircon Servicing?

Does the air conditioner require regular servicing? This is a common question that is asked by a majority of the air conditioner owners’. The air conditioning once installed in the house provides cool air that is refreshing and comforting during the hot season. The owners’ tend to think that the air conditioners would keep on providing cooler air at any desirable time and at the required temperature for a long time and are not bothered about servicing it. 

Why servicing is required?
Air conditioner like any other mechanical device requires frequent servicing to keep it running smoothly and to get the desired results. To understand why servicing of the aircon is necessary, it is important to know the workings of the machine. The air conditioning system tends to remove the humidity or moisture and warm air from the surrounding and gives clean and good air after going through the system. 

Dirt and dust accumulate in the aircon filters over a period of time. If the filters are not properly cleaned, washed and vacuumed from time to time, they will not effectively work and cause the air conditioner to work harder than normal. Hence, the user might require adjusting constantly to bring down the temperature to get the same cooling effect that was previously enjoyed. These would only cause higher consumption of energy and increase the bills. Apart from this the aircon would blow filthy air, which would be harmful to the health of the family, especially to those who are suffering from asthma and eczema.

Importance of aircon servicing
The parts within the aircon system like the coils and fans require regular cleaning for working efficiently. They also need to be properly lubricated and this could be done only through servicing. If this is not done, the parts would start to make rattling sounds and the efficiency of the aircon would go down drastically. 

Some owners tend to think that they could save a huge amount of money if the cleaner the air conditioner all by themselves. They assume that removing the filter and cleaning it would solve the problem and they would get the same quality of air like that of a new one. What they do not realize is that exterior cleaning would not solve the purpose as each of the parts within the air conditioner is to be properly and thoroughly checked for any defects, including malfunctioning and this requires professional help. 

With long usage, there could be any type of issue that might decrease the efficiency of the air conditioner. It can be due to problems in the refrigerant. These are issues that are best left to the professionals who have the expertise to locate such issues and solve them. Though there might be some charges to it, the owner of the air conditioner can be rest assured that their machine is in good hands and they can easily have the comfort that they used to derive some time back. Therefore, without proper timely servicing, there is a possible chance of losing the air conditioner altogether.