• Stay Comfortable & Save Money All Year Long

  • Stay Comfortable & Save Money All Year Long

  • Stay Comfortable & Save Money All Year Long



If you’re looking for an air conditioner, the first thing you need to do is identify what features matter to you most. If you are looking for air conditioner unit that is the most efficient, quietest and best value, as Trane Master Dealer in Malaysia, we are here to help!

Trane has more than 120 years of experience in the business. Trane build products that are efficient to operate, work when they’re supposed to, last for a long time and create the ideal home environment. It’s that kind of tradition and reliability that’s earned the manufacture “America’s Most Trusted HVAC System.”


According to Lifestory Research, Trane is recognized as No.1 America’s Trusted HVAC brand for 6th consecutive years (2015-2020). The most trusted HVAC brands, in order, were Trane, Carrier, Whirlpool, Lennox, Rheem, American Standard, Ruud, York, Bryant, Goodman, Heil, and Amana. Trane received the best reviews and trust ratings among the most popular brands as judged by consumers.


Trane Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric have join together to improve the comfort, health and efficiency of air conditioning system for residential and commercial. As a 50/50 joint venture between Trane Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc., the company provides innovative products, systems and solutions capable of cooling and heating any application from a home to a large commercial building.

The merger of one company specializing in traditional HVAC systems and another introducing newer, more technologically advanced models will help stabilise both product lines.


Trane Technologies Inc. is a manufacturer of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) and building management systems and controls. The company is a subsidiary of Trane Technologies and is the successor company to the American Standard Companies. It makes products under the Trane and American Standard brand names. Europe’s largest cooling system


Best value air conditioner because of its high efficiency ratings and more affordable price point. With a SEER rating of up to 16, you can expect to see noticeable energy savings when you replace an older, less efficient unit.


Trane air conditioner have been design, test and build with their own parts beyond industry standards, making sure the system match with the quality and innovation that people expect. Each detail is expertly designed and rigorously tested.


Built to withstand the toughest conditions. Every Trane unit is tested, retested, and tested again. Trane put their products through 16 weeks of bone-chilling cold and blistering heat, in repeating two-week sessions. Some units endure more than 2,600 hours of continuous testing. The manufacturer even encased units in solid ice to make sure they keep running.


Trane can offer you approved factory parts to meet your needs and maintain your equipment during its lifecycle.

Spare Parts:

  • Compressor

  • Motor

  • Blower Wheel & Fan Disk

  • Air Filter

  • Coil Replacement

  • Other Spare Parts

Product Warranty

Trane products are tested to last and backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry. One of the strongest manufacturer’s limited warranties on parts available. 12 years compressor warranty for inverter and 8 years for non inverter 2 years general parts warranty

Trane is rated as the second most reliable brand in the Consumer Reports survey.


Wall-mounted units are the most versatile and popular style of indoor units. Slim, stylish and equipped with filters to continuously clean indoor air, these units sit high on the wall and are ideal for conditioning smaller areas such as individual rooms in a home, office or store.


Easy Installation

Installs quickly and easily, without the need for major construction and remodeling

Anti-Corrosive Coating on Outdoor Fins

Trane air conditioning anti-corrosion condenser fins is designed with strong corrosion-resistant material to protect itself from rust and continue to provide you durable clean air without wear and tear

Fast Cooling

Trane air conditioning operates at larger air flow which enables indoor temperature to reach the set temperature quickly.

Maximum Comfort

The mini sensor in the remote controller can sense its surrounding temperature and transmit the signal back to indoor unit. So the unit can adjust the air flow volume and temperature accordingly to provide maximum comfort.

Complete Zone Control

Realizes maximum control and energy efficiency by cooling and heating only those spaces in use

Personal Comfort Control

Complete comfort control of temperature, fan speed, and air direction in each room or zone via kumo cloud® or other smart home devices

Cleaner Air with Washable Anti-Allergen Filters

Improves air quality and saves money

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

With higher SEER

PASSIO R32 Inverter


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