What Will Happen If I Do Not Do Any Aircon Servicing?

Does the air conditioner require regular servicing? This is a common question that is asked by a majority of the air conditioner owners’. The air conditioning once installed in the house provides cool air that is refreshing and comforting during the hot season. The owners’ tend to think that the air conditioners would keep on providing cooler air at any desirable time and at the required temperature for a long time and are not bothered about servicing it. 

Why servicing is required?
Air conditioner like any other mechanical device requires frequent servicing to keep it running smoothly and to get the desired results. To understand why servicing of the aircon is necessary, it is important to know the workings of the machine. The air conditioning system tends to remove the humidity or moisture and warm air from the surrounding and gives clean and good air after going through the system. 

Dirt and dust accumulate in the aircon filters over a period of time. If the filters are not properly cleaned, washed and vacuumed from time to time, they will not effectively work and cause the air conditioner to work harder than normal. Hence, the user might require adjusting constantly to bring down the temperature to get the same cooling effect that was previously enjoyed. These would only cause higher consumption of energy and increase the bills. Apart from this the aircon would blow filthy air, which would be harmful to the health of the family, especially to those who are suffering from asthma and eczema.

Importance of aircon servicing
The parts within the aircon system like the coils and fans require regular cleaning for working efficiently. They also need to be properly lubricated and this could be done only through servicing. If this is not done, the parts would start to make rattling sounds and the efficiency of the aircon would go down drastically. 

Some owners tend to think that they could save a huge amount of money if the cleaner the air conditioner all by themselves. They assume that removing the filter and cleaning it would solve the problem and they would get the same quality of air like that of a new one. What they do not realize is that exterior cleaning would not solve the purpose as each of the parts within the air conditioner is to be properly and thoroughly checked for any defects, including malfunctioning and this requires professional help. 

With long usage, there could be any type of issue that might decrease the efficiency of the air conditioner. It can be due to problems in the refrigerant. These are issues that are best left to the professionals who have the expertise to locate such issues and solve them. Though there might be some charges to it, the owner of the air conditioner can be rest assured that their machine is in good hands and they can easily have the comfort that they used to derive some time back. Therefore, without proper timely servicing, there is a possible chance of losing the air conditioner altogether.

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